I find men’s style to be, at times, infinitely more inspiring than women’s. I don’t know.. Maybe it’s the way guys put clothes together, but many of my favorite style icons are guys just dressing without rule or rhyme and simply wearing what they feel. I think the best looks come from that organic place. James Dean is one of those rare enigmatic figures. Yes, he’s got one of the most beautiful faces, but I adore him for much more than that. His talent and style are equally magnetic.

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 Though the Indiana-native was only in the spotlight for a short time, he’s become one of the most iconic figures of 1950’s Hollywood. A student of the Strasberg method and a veteran of stage, television and film, James immersed himself into his acting starring in only three major motion pictures: East of Eden, Rebel With A Cause, and Giant, all must-sees. He earned Academy Award nominations for two of his three films, with Rebel and Giant, both released after his 1955 passing from a horrific car accident at just 24. Yet, with all of this being said, he is also an unsung style icon.

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James’ style is a reflection of his life, evoking his love for photography, sculpting, and speed racing alike. He pioneered the unkempt, finger-combed hair long before any f-boi of today. James made thick-framed glasses his signature though he thoroughly hated wearing them. His wardrobe had a minimalistic ease with subtleties which nod to his Midwestern roots. Knit sweaters, Brenton stripes, plain white tees, and raw denim Levi’s were daily staples - all matched with a cigarette and a longing gaze. His style, films, and unforgettable face will continue to inspire for decades to come.


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