If You're Reading This, It's Too Late.. You've Found My Site

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You are now entering my personal space. (But that's okay with me.)

Why, hello there. Nice of you to stop by. Welcome to the first official post on my shiny, new website!


Between working two jobs, writing for Couturesque Magazine, serving as a Red Earth and Glossier rep, and contemplating adulthood and all its mysteries, I chose to launch a space where my building portfolio can live, where I can really allow my personal work and interests to flourish, where I can flex my muscles, and hone in on my personal aesthetic. Moodboards, mixtapes, thought pieces, and the occasional lewk, my goal is for this to be a space for professional work to meet personal musings (fashion, personal style, beauty, music, film, and art), as well as a unique perspective on fashion/beauty issues.


Fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride.