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Scent, and fragrance, hold a deeply important place in life. I, like I'm sure many of you, have several distinctive scent memories. Many of which trace back to the colognes and perfumes of my dearest loved ones. When I think of my dad, the aromas of his musky, rugged, and overpowering Stetson cologne mixed with the sour tinge of his chewing tobacco flood my senses - or I'm reminded of that hot minute when he upgraded to the deep, aromatic Gucci Guilty Black. Anytime I catch a whiff of a warm, buttery, spice-filled scent, I'm brought comfort immediately thinking of my grandma (who during the fall months hoards Bath and Body Works body sprays to last her year round). I remember as a little girl being fascinated by all of the glass eau de parfum bottles adorning my mom's dresser top, from the triangle shaped Liz Claiborne to the gold and diamond encrusted White Diamonds along with countless others. Now she interchanges between several Victoria's Secret fragrances. Her scent has always been ever-changing.

I also believe everyone in their life embark on their own scent journey, made up of not only the scent memories they acquire but also the odyssey towards finding a fragrance that is unique and original - their signature. Now, I can't remember what my first fragrance was exactly. If I had to guess, though, it was probably some simple Bath and Body Works spray from my grandma's vanity or the stolen spritz from my mom's collection. In my adolescence, I rotated a series of various celebrity perfumes (shout out, 1D) with the occasional VS fragrance. But the perfect scent, the one I felt fully embodied who I was, seemed to always evade me. That is until Glossier You.

In mid-September of last year (on my mom's birthday, actually), I was one of several creatives chosen by Glossier's Creative and Community Teams to set the mood and create the universe around their very first fragrance, Glossier You. Not shooting a campaign, the whole idea of #workingwithglossier was instead to show how this fragrance could effortlessly immerse into everyone's life and enhance its beauty.

You is meant to be intimate, to live within your personal space. It's very different from the average fragrance, being both long-lasting and always true to scent. Creamy, clean, warm - the base notes melt into the skin. Ambrette brings the comfort and warmth. Ambrox is salty and animalistic, and musk is both long-lasting and addictive. The top notes shine, without being overpowering at all. Iris root is earthy, green, and woody, while pink pepper brings a sparkling spice. However, the formula is made incomplete - YOU are the first ingredient. It's not quite a perfume at all, more of a "skin smell enhancer" as Glossier puts it.

The packaging itself is (per Glossier usual) practically a work of art, like a small surrealist sculpture. The curves and dips of the iridescent ombre bottle fit perfectly in the hand, and the cherry red cap bursts off the top.


I've been wearing You since last fall, and I can honestly say it is the best fragrance I have ever worn. I work in the retail space, so I'm in pretty close contact with strangers most of the time. I cannot count the number of people that have approached me to as what perfume I'm wearing. Seriously! It's actually unreal. I will apply a few sprays of You right before I leave for work, and hours later You smells as fresh as ever. My mom and
16 year old sister have even stolen some sprays, later to be approached by strangers curious and intoxicated by the smell of You. I would recommend You to anyone, because it genuinely adapts to perfectly fit you and the uniqueness of your body. It is $60 USD for 1.7 fl oz, and I can guarantee that it is worth the investment.

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All Images: Autumn Breeze

glossier you collage.jpg