A/W 2017 Mixtape

AW17 Mixtape.jpg

There’s just something about this time of year - when the simmering heat of late August and early September slip into the crisp cool season of autumn. Now, I’m not bias. Each season is amazing in its own special way.. Okay, yes, I am very bias. Fall is my favorite season. I can’t hide it. I can’t deny it. It has my heart. The leaves change to shades of gold, amber, red, and brown. The ample opportunities for layering are endless. Ugh! It’s too much.

When autumn rolls around, I always feel the need to really set the tone. Be it by lighting anover abundance of spice scented candles, continueously watching the 1970’s classic film Love Story, or playing probably too much Simon and Garfunkel - I immerse myself fully in my fall feels. Like with the Simon and Garfunkel, music plays a HUGE hand in my autumnal preparations. Featuring artists like Kurt Vile, Chance the Rapper, Fleetwood Mac, SZA, Frank Ocean, Harry Styles, and (shocker!) S&G, this Spotify mix will definitely help set the mood.